Cleanroom systems

Cleanroom Systems

We plan, develop and build individual cleanroom systems characterised in all areas by their modularity and flexibility. Our solutions are based on our CleanoFlex system - a modular principle in which all components are optimally matched to each other. This ensures maximum efficiency and adaptability. In addition, the modular design guarantees a scalable investment. The cleanroom can be adapted to changing requirements at any time.

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bc-technology: Your specialist for innovative cleanroom concepts

From a single source

High Vertical Integration

All essential components we offer are from our own production.


In-House Programming

We have been a Siemens Solution Partner since 2010, programming Siemens and Saia systems ourselves.


Comprehensive Know-how

We have many years of experience with knowledge of all relevant guidelines and standards.


Continuous Development

Modern and innovative technology is the guarantor of joint success. Therefore, we work together with universities and research institutes to continually develop our components.

Our Cleanroom systems performance assortment in plant engineering:

Turnkey cleanrooms

Turnkey cleanrooms

with their own cleanroom wall, cover and air circulating systems

Air conditioning and ventilation technology

Air conditioning and ventilation technology

Cooling technology

Cooling technology

Measurement and control technology

Measurement and control technology

Media supply

Media supply

  • Turnkey cleanrooms with their own wall, ceiling and air circulating systems
  • Air conditioning and ventilation technology
  • Refrigeration technology
  • Media supply
  • Measurement and control technology

Innovative Cleanroom Concepts

Everything from one source instead of just turnkey

Whether engineering, consulting, cleanroom planning, execution, software programming, documenting or undergoing execution, qualification or maintenance measures and services - we accompany you throughout the project and are your competent partner for all tasks related to your cleanroom.

All essential components of the cleanroom are manufactured within our own group. They are therefore optimally coordinated and fit each other perfectly. Interface problems are avoided.

We offer:

  • Consulting (conception, costing)
  • Planning (risk analysis, Virtual Reality upon request)
  • Execution (production, assembly, commissioning, acceptance, test phase)
  • Service (requalification, maintenance contracts, cleanroom-management)

Take advantage of our professional cleanroom management and ensure the long-term use-value of your cleanroom.
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Cleanroom Technology with a Future

The cleanroom technology sector generally faces growing demands. As such, it is important to respond quickly to emerging changes and increasing normative requirements in the industry - especially in view of the growing importance of Industry 4.0.

We focus more on research and development and work together with universities and partner companies on innovative, future-oriented solutions. This has allowed us to implement numerous ground breaking projects.

As much cleanroom as necessary, with as little as possible

We design all cleanroom systems tailor-made to your individual requirements. Our motto in cleanroom planning is "As much cleanroom as necessary, with as little as possible". This way you get what you really need.

Of course, we also deliver fully equipped systems. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of cleanroom and air lock furniture as well as a variety of cleanroom air locks.

We realise innovative cleanroom systems that meet the ever-growing demands of modern industry. Our cleanroom solutions comply with all common standards (DIN EN ISO 14644-1 and EC-GMP Guide, Annex 1) and meet the highest standards of process reliability, energy efficiency and sustainability. Of course, they can easily be integrated into Industry 4.0 environments.