Cleanroom cabins and systems

Cleanroom Products

Our cleanroom products reflect our decades of development and user experience. The broad variety of productswe supply include air conditioning and ventilation technology, a wide range of equipment technology as well as qualification services. Cleanroom and air lock furniture, material throughput as well as comprehensive accessories and spare parts are also included in our services. Due to the growing demands on cleanroom technology, individual solutions play an increasingly important role.

Whether you are looking for a specific product or a special solution -
we will find the optimal product for you!


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Our service supply:

Cleanroom Plant Engineering

Planning, development and construction of customer-specific cleanroom systems, which are characterised in all areas by modularity and flexibility.

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Cleanroom Cabins and CleanoFlex systems

Individual and standardised cleanroom cabins that protect sensitive products against contamination. Be sure to also discover our intelligent cleanroom system CleanoFlex!

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Laminar-Flow Working Bench

Industry-optimised laminar flow boxes and cleanroom workplaces in three execution lines: HygienicSafe, ParticleSafe and UniSafe.

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Weighing Unit, local suction included

GMP-compliant weighing cabins for the weighing and sampling of active ingredients and additives that meet the highest standards for the handling of hazardous substances.

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Cleanroom Airlocks | bc-technology

Large assortment of cleanroom air locks and material pass boxes for the controlled inward and outward transfer of products and materials between rooms of different purity classes.

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Cleanroom Accessories

Extensive collection of cleanroom accessories to complete your cleanroom facility, i.a. CG distributors (laminarisers), lint grids and cleanroom curtains.

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Cleanroom Furniture

Single cleanroom furniture and holistic furnishing concepts for your airlock and cleanroom equipment - standard pieces of furniture as well as customised solutions.

Cleanroom furniture
Cleanroom Accessories

Optimally matched cleanroom components from our own production among others, including Filter-Fan-Units (FFU), AirCleaner and cleanroom lights.

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Cleanroom Service

Cleanroom services to ensure the full functionality of your cleanroom, including qualification, requalification, maintenance & services, training, and our professional cleanroom management

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