Cleanroom Management

Our professional cleanroom management guarantees the technical availability of your systems and ensures a constant purity. It includes all cleanroom-specific secondary tasks that ensure process safety and optimal operation of your cleanroom. These include, among others, energy and emergency management, maintenance and repair as well as the qualification of external suppliers and service providers. Staff training, requalification, supply of cleanroom clothing and consumables as well as the creation and management of documentation are also included in our services in cleanroom management.

Concentrate on your core processes in the cleanroom, we take care of the rest.

Why a professional cleanroom management?


Ensuring plant availability

own production

Constant purity through technical and organisational measures

from a single source

Optimal operation


Effective implementation of the adjustment wishes of the operator

Cleanroom Managment

Our services in the cleanroom management:

  • Project planning of modifications, adjustments on changes of use
  • Documentation, continuation of audit documents
  • Deadline monitoring for periodic checks
  • Maintenance, repairs,fault recovery
  • Requalification, monitoring of critical cleanroom parameters
  • Cleaning, SOP, cleaning validation
  • Cleanroom clothing, consumables
  • Employee training, creation of SOPs, access rules
  • Supply and service qualifications
  • Energy monitoring, optimising the control plant

We offer all necessary services that are required for the availability and optimal usability of your cleanroom - all from a single source.

Active cleanroom management ensures and increases the utility value of your cleanroom in the long term.

The positive effect is enhanced especially when operating several systems.
An essential goal of cleanroom management is to prevent unforeseen incidents in advance. Should it nevertheless happen, reaction must be quick depending on the explosiveness. Together with you we develop concepts for an emergency management for the removal of incidents, which is exactly tailored to your needs and requirements.


Efficient concepts - optimal processes


Flexible and long-term framework agreement


High degree of transparency and participation

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No high fixed costs

This is how our cleanroom management works:

In close coordination with the operator of the cleanroom, we define a common timetable and the strategy for cleanroom management. A flexible, long-term framework agreement leaves enough room for manoeuvre between "worry-free package" and "minimum maintenance". This protects against high fixed costs and allows longer-term planning and costing.

Are you interested in a cleanroom management or have questions about our services?

Please contact us. We are pleased to advise you.