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bc-technology GmbH stands for innovative and efficient cleanroom technology. As a full-service partner, we deliver our customers reliable support through all project phases, including planning, implementation and service. In addition to clean working areas, turnkey cleanroom and lock systems, we also offer comprehensive services in the field of cleanroom qualification and training. An additional priority is the development and implementation of customer-specific cleanroom systems. Continuous further development is an essential factor in our success, which is why we are working on specific research projects in close collaboration with universities.



Sound and energetic optimized cleanroom devices of V2A stainless steel, as well as cleanroom technology with frequent application in following sectors:






Sound and energetic optimized cleanroom devices of melamine resin coated carrier plates P2, outside HPL coated, as well as cleanroom technology with frequent application in following sectors:



Efficient devices ensuring particle protection for sensitive works, manufactured of melamine resin coated carrier plates P2, outside HPL coated, as well as cleanroom technology with frequent application in following sectors:



Cleanroom Systems: Consultation – Planning – Implementation – Service

As a full-service provider, we will accompany you through every phase of your cleanroom project. We develop customer-specific solutions according to our system of quality management. Throughout the project, a team of experienced engineers, technicians and assembly operators will be at your disposal. Our extensive portfolio ranges from equipment and plant engineering to cleanroom qualification and requalification. In addition to turnkey cleaning systems, CleanoFlex systems, cabins and mini-environments, we also offer Laminar Flow devices, workstations and enclosures. We offer our cleanroom devices in the series "HygienicSafe", “ParticleSafe” and “UniSafe", each designed for different fields of application. In this way, we facilitate our customers search for the best solution.

As well as cleanroom and airlock furniture, a wide range of accessories complete our range of services.
We will also attend to you during the commissioning of your plants. We remain your competent and reliable partner within the field of individually coordinated requalification and maintenance concepts.

Definition of cleanroom – controlled conditions for the manufacture of sensitive products

A cleanroom is defined as a confined area in which the number of airborne particles is kept as small as necessary. The number of these particles can be controlled via the air, the air flow, the air temperature and the air pressure. In accordance with the current standards, the cleanroom is classified into corresponding purity classes. If you are considering using a cleanroom, for example, because your specific requirements have changed, or because particles and / or germs put the quality of your products at risk, then we are the right contact for you.

Cleanrooms and their areas of application - then and today

At the beginning of its long-standing history which dates to the 1940s, cleanrooms were predominantly used in optics and microtechnology. Today, the areas of application in which cleanroom systems are used extend far beyond this. The cleanroom has become indispensable, especially in industries such as medical technology, pharmacy, laser and food technology, as well as many other fields. Cleanroom systems are extremely complex and must be individually designed and implemented for every application. bc-technology, with its many years of experience, is therefore a dependable partner.

Cleanroom technology for Germany – and across borders

As we consider the satisfaction of our customers our most valuable asset, we are committed to a solid and lasting partnership that is characterised by mutual trust.
In addition to our headquarter in Dettingen/Erms, we have set up further project offices to establish an exceptional relationship with our customers.

Due to steadily growing demand, both at home and internationally, we are also expanding our operational areas geographically. In this way, we broaden not only our experience, but also our intercultural competences as we gain new perspectives.

We would be pleased to answer any questions concerning cleanroom technology.