What`s a CleanoFlex cleanroom system ?

According of our motto:
not more cleanroom as absolutly necessary"
we have designed our CleanoFlex System

It is a flexible and modular cleanroom solution,
which grows to match the demands made of it !
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  • CleanoFlex can be designed as an individual, clean working area for all requirements through the combination of individual components.

  • Thanks to the modular design, this cleanroom system can be produced as a mini-environment, as a cleanroom tent or as a conventional cleanroom (GMP-conform).
  • CleanoFlex can be subsequently extended and enlagred at any time.

You, as customer, do not incur any sunk costs!
because: Any components and moduls of the first solution can be included into further stages of expansion

core components of CleanoFlex

CleanoFlex is made of modular and flexibly components which can be combined to individual cleanroom solutions.

basically the system consists of:

  • Linear ceiling profile: Aluminium profiles, which met the requirements of the current guidelines and standards of cleanroom technology, in particular GMP, FDA, ISPE, EN ISO 14644 and VDI 2083.
  • Fan Filter Units (bc-ffu), Filter outlet units with a modern EC-motor.
  • Wall system, which are construced spezially for cleanrooms.
  • Local zones by PCV-curtains, to sperate any cleanroom areas.
  • Cleanroom lamp made of high quality, thermally hardened safety glass with ESG seal.

Entrance / Variants / Opportunities:

CleanoFlex Cleanroomsysten as a suspended laminar flow area


The CleanoFlex Cleanroom System can provide an entry into cleanroom technology in each project size or extent the existing development.

Optional entry levels:

  • as a conventional cleanroom for each requirement
  • as a laminar flow area, mounted and mobile
  • as a laminar flow area, mounted and permanently installed
  • as a laminar flow area, suspended from the ceiling 

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  • Due to the modular structure, the system can be extended and adapted to changed layouts at any time.
  • Extension to form complete, closed cleanrooms.
  • The cleanroom class can be increased in local zones or generally at any time.
  • The lighting strength can be adaped at any time.
  • A non-accessible ceiling can be converted to an accessible version at any time.


  • High quality materials and designs with few joints meet maximum requirements and the criteria of GMP right from the beginning.
  • Easy to disassemble standard assembly components.
  • Infinitely adjustable air flow rate enables the flow conditions to be ideally adapted to the process.
  • All purity classes as per EN-ISO 14644-1 are possible.


  • CleanoFlex can also be regarded as a safe investment entry version in cleanroom technology.
  • The further investment volume can be adapted at will the development of business.
  • The control of the fans allows an energy-saving mode during downtimes without compromising hygiene.
Virtual Realtiy for a maximum of planning security

On request you can get a maximum of planning security for your personally project by Virtual Reality.