Cleanroom Management – completely from a single source

The cleanroom management pools all specific secondary tasks ensuring process reliability and an optimum operation within a cleanroom. Thus, the operator can focus on core processes in best conditions.

Objective of a professional cleanroom management is not only the technical availability of the plants but also a guaranteed constant purity by technical and organizational actions.

By using the service of the cleanroom management, the operator relieves its own resources and benefits at the same time from a secured availability and usability of the cleanrooms. This results in a successful cooperation as each partner can concentrate on its respective core competence.

Such a cooperation guarantees an increased and ensured value in use of the cleanroom.

Range of services

Range of Cleanroom-Management services
  • Energy monitoring, optimising of the control plant
  • Project planning of modifications, adjustments on changes of use
  • Documentation, continuation of audit documents
  • Deadline monitoring for periodic checks
  • Maintenance, repairs, fault recovery
  • Requalification, monitoring of critical cleanroom parameters
  • Cleaning, SOP cleaning, cleaning validation
  • Cleanroom clothing, consumables
  • Employee training, cration of SOPs, access rules
  • Supplier and provider qualifications