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CleanoFlex: Cleanroom Cabins and Cleanroom Systems

Cleanroom cabins and CleanoFlex-Systems

The cleanroom cabins by bc-technology work according to the principle of turbulent mixed ventilation and protect sensitive products from contamination. The cleanroom cabins are qualified according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1 or EG-GMP Guidelines. Our cleanroom systems are used in a wide range of applications and require a correspondingly high degree of flexibility and modularity. To meet these requirements, we essentially offer two types of cleanroom cabins:

Reinraumkabinen des Typs bc-crc

Cleanroom cabin type: bc-crc

Our type bc-crc cleanroom cabin is a standardised system with dimensions ranging from 1,200 mm to 6,000 mm (pitch: 1,200 x 1,200 mm), which meets with purity class 7 at a minimum according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1. The cabin is available as a raised (optional mobile) version or can be suspended from the ceiling on the customer's premises. The surrounding enclosure is made of antistatic PVC cleanroom curtains (strip curtains). The cleanroom cabins include integrated lighting.



bc-CleanoFlex cleanroom cabins for flexible use

CleanoFlex-Cleanroom system

Our cleanroom cabin bc-CleanoFlex is an extremely flexible and modular cleanroom system, which can be designed as individual, pure workspaces for all requirements. Thanks to an intelligent modular principle, it is suitable for customer-specific solutions in almost all fields of application. The cabins also have infinite extension options. For example, a simple cleanroom covering which has been implemented with the CleanoFlex cleanroom system can be expanded to create a complete GMP-compliant cleanroom with locks, pressure maintenance and air conditioning. New process layouts may also easily be adapted.


Your contact with bc-technology

All CleanoFlex cleanroom cabins are individually designed for their respective function. Therefore, a personal consultation is necessary before making an offer. Please get in touch - we design cleanroom technology precisely for your requirements.