Products and services from bc-technology

In this context, it is necessary to consider existing production strategies and special requirements of customers while meeting respective standards and branch specifics. In most cases we find suitable solutions by already existing smart products. Therefore, we are pleased to give you an overview of our cleanroom products which reflect our experience and expertise as well as our innovative spirit. You will find a wide range of cleanroom products an components that have been tried and tested by science and different industries.


Due to the steadily growing demands on cleanroom technology, individual solutions also play an increasingly important role. Sensitive products, special processes, precise logistics or limitations in interior design - the considerations are manifold. Under these circumstances, the creativity and knowledge of our employees, in addition to their many years of experience, are also essential in fostering innovation.

Whether you are looking for a certain product or a specific solution, the focus of our work is to find the best solution for you. Here, you can gain a first impression of our cleanroom products and the competency of bc-technology GmbH.

Cleanroom products from Flowboxes to GMP-compliant cleanroom systems

Our extensive product range includes cleanroom systems and Laminar Flow devices, as well as cleanroom cabins and CleanoFlex systems and weighing units. We also offer several solutions that are tried and tested in many different industries. On the corresponding subpages, you can find detailed information about our individual products.

Customer-specific cleanroom solutions from bc-technology

Cleanroom products are often complex and require a high level of expertise. This particularly applies to the cleanroom solutions which must be customised precisely to customer-specific requirements. We would be pleased to answer any questions about our products for cleanroom technology.