Humidifier output

The relative humidity should be between 30 and 60 %, so that the comfort of the employees is ensured and processes run without problems. Whereas we have to cope with high humidity, in winter it is too low because the cold outside air with low water content is heated to room temperature while the water content remains constant. The correlation is shown in the hx diagram of Mollier.

To calculate the humidifier output, the required increase in water content (delta x) per kg of dry air must be determined from the hx diagram. If one assumes that in winter -15°C cold air is heated to 25°C and a relative humidity of 30% is top be ensured, 6 g of water per kg of dry air must be supplied.

As steam production is also very energy-intensive, it is also attempted to limit this to a minimum or keep the proportion of outside air low.

  • Increase in water content (from hx diagram)
  • Humidifier output

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volume flow m³/h
air density (average value 1,2) kg/m³
mass flow air kg/h
increase in water content (from hx-diagram) g/kg tr. Luft
humidifier output kg/h


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