Cooling output

Pleasant climatic conditions are the basic condition for the efficiency of the persons working in the cleanroom, as they are already impaired by their cleanroom clothing. It must also always  be ensured that the employees do not begin to sweat due to excessive room temperatures.

Heat dissipation in summer is usually more energy-intensive that heating in winter. Heat loads in the cleanroom are waste process heat, lighting, persons and solar radiation, which should be prevented wherever possible via external shading.

The cooling output depends on the quantity of cooled air and the permissible undertemperature, which should not exceed 6 K.

  • Air density (average value 1.2)
  • Mass flow of air
  • Specific heat capacity of air
  • Undertemperature
  • Cooling capacity of air

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volume flow m³/h
air density (average value 1,2) kg/m³
mass flow air kg/h
specific heat capacity of air (average value 4,13) kJ/(kg*K)
undertemperature K
cooling capacity of air kW


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