cleanroom-air-locks for material

air locks are used for the conrtrolled inward and outward transfer of products and material between rooms of different purity class.

Overview of our airlocks:
files/Bilder/Schleusen/Reinraumschleuse_Aktiv belueftet.jpg files/Bilder/Schleusen/Teilaktivschleuse.jpg
works according to the principle of low-turbulence displacement flow.
for connection to the on-site air supply and exhaust system.
files/Bilder/Schleusen/Passive Materialschleuse.jpg files/Bilder/Schleusen/Luftdusche.jpg
passive material airlock


General informations about airlocks
  • to avoid contamination, only one door at a time can be opend. This prevents the entry of airborne particles into the clean are.
  • active-ventilated airlocks fulfil the conditions of ISO Class 5 according to EN ISO 14644-1 or purity class A according EG-GMP-Guidelines.
  • The active airlock has it`s own integrated, blower and works fully autonomously from the air-conditioning system of the cleanroom.