Cleanroom accessories and components


pre-filters and floating particle filters

We offer all popular pre-filter and floating particle filter in standard.
Individual dimensions are possible !
In the inquiry form you will find a selection of our standard filters.

  • If you are interested in a non-specified filter / degree, please send us your request.
  • If you don`t know what is an appropriate filter for you, we will help you. Talk to us.


CG-Verteiler aus Polyestergewebe

Sterile air diffuser to achieve laminar air flow across the complete cross-section of the air outlet.

Micro denier meshes made of polyester or stainless steel are bonded onto a stainless steel frame (with a special FDA- approved adhesive). These are installed directly at the air outlet point. The CG diffusers can be fitted to one or both sides.
In the case of damage we also cover the frames of other manufacturers.


  • The CG diffusers are stable in air.
  • The stainless steel version can be cleaned.
  • The polyester version is translucent. Therefore, lamps can be installed directly behind the CG diffuser.
  • In the event of damage, the frames can be fitted with new meshes.

Technical spezifications
individual dimensions!

Max. Width: 1700 mm
Max. Length: 2700 mm

On request we will send you fabric samples.

PVC-curtains for cleanrooms

  • Design as strip or panel curtain
  • Individual dimensions
  • Various types of attachment, optionally also can be shifted to the side
  • Mounted fixed in the standard version, strips can be exchanged individually
  • Simple assembly and cleaning
  • Optional antistatic version with leakage resistance
  • Hardly flammable
  • Material UV-stabilised, glass clear
  • Extremely resistant material made from transparent PVC film
  • Also available in black film as laser protection curtain

Cleanroom curtains can be a cost-effective alternative to solid walls !

FFU - Fan Filter Unit

FFU  ( Fan Filter Unit )

Compact Filter-Fan Unit for the supply of the cleanroom areas with pure air.

  • Independent unit, suitable for installation in different ceiling systems, special frames and ma-chine enclosures.
  • The particles are first separated via an easily replaceable pre-filter and then via a high-performance floating particle filter class H 14, degree of separation 99,995 % as per EN 1822.
  • The filters can be replaced on the cleanroom side without disassembling the module.
  • The air exits over a perforated screen, a swirl diffuser, light screen or via a CG-diffuser.
  • Technical data are subject to change

Lint Screens


Used for separating lint and fibres from the exhaust air of cleanrooms.

The lint screens protect the return air ducts from fibrous materials and dust particles. As a result the air-conditioning system and downstream filters are preserved. The lint screens are made from fine-mesh stainless steel fabric or micro-fine polyester fabric. This is mounted on a stainless steel frame and installed flush in the return air duct. The non-rusting stainless steel ensures easy cleaning and is resistant to disinfection agents.
Individual dimensions are possible! On request we will be happy to send you a sample of the fabric.

Cleanroom lamp bc-cl-2-55

Coffered light 2x 55 W for installation in cleanroom ceiling systems

A: 625x625x115mm L/B/H (grid dimensions)
Weight: approx. 12kg (incl. pane)
Housing made of steel plate epoxy / polyester powder-coated as per RAL 9010, abrasion-resistant and easy to clean
incl. cover pane
The frameless cover pane made from 4mm ESG closes flush against a surrounding seal. Design: structured, smooth on the outside
incl. elektronic ballast (EVG)
incl. Fluorescent lamps
Typ: 2xL55/ Dulux 840 (Coolwhite)
Lamp replacement on the cleanroom side, optional possible from above.