bc-weighing unit

weighing unit

Particles are first filtered via easily replaceable pre-filters in the recirculated air duct and then with a high-performance floating particle filter class H14, degree of filtration 99.995%, as per EN 1822.
Equipped with double-sided extraction blower with a modern EC motor. The blowers have a higher degree of efficiency than conventional blowers. This greatly reduces energy consumption. The air flow rate is automatically kept constant with increasing filter resistances via the integrated blower control.
The blower can be set to three different air speeds e.g. 0.45 m/s (operation), 0.3 m/s (reduced operation) and 0.2 m/s (night-time reduction), which can be selected by the operator on the control and display unit.
The air speed, differential pressure and any error messages are shown alternately in plaintext in the display of the control and display unit on the front of the equipment. Malfunctions and excessive differential pressure are also indicated via visual and audible fault messages. The housing is made of V2A stainless steel (1.4301), brushed outer surface.


  • offers persons and products maximum protection against contamination
  • Thanks to the cabin structure, parts of the production process can be carried out under cleanroom conditions
  • The filters can be replaced on the cleanroom side without disassembling the module
  • Individual adaptation of size and design to customer requirements is possible
functional principle


  • installation of an air cooler to compensate for inherent heat
  • differential pressure monitoring with analogue and/or digital display instruments
  • displays of further physical parameters such as temperature, humidity etc.
  • film and or strip curtains for separation of the working area
  • housings made of acrylic glass panes 
  • extraction at table height
  • weighing tables
  • installation of a CG diffuser
  • installation of an ionisation system
  • installation of a UV lamp
  • design with yellow light
  • increase in purity class to 4 as per DIN EN ISO 14644-1

Technical data