Required air quantity

The cleanroom class mainly depends on the quantity of floating particle filtered air supplied every hour. The cleanroom class also depends on the quality of the room shell and the processes carried out in it.

Low cleanroom classes are generally achieved with a 20 to 30-fold air exchange, higher classes may require a 50 to 100-fold air exchange. The highest classes are then no longer characterised by the air exchange  but by the velocity and the direction of the clean air flow  (=> low-turbulence displacement flow, laminar flow).

The required air quantity is directly related to the operating costs of a cleanroom, so that it is attempted to keep the air quantity as low as possible. This is achieved if the size and cubage of the cleanroom are minimised and priority is given to a high quality of the cleanroom cabin.

  • Room area
  • Room height
  • Room volume
  • Air exchange
  • Air quantity
  • Air outlet area
  • Air flow rate

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turbulent mixed ventilation
room area
room height m
room volume
air exchange 1/h
air quantity m³/h
laminar flow zone
air outlet area
air flow rate FDA-> 0,45m/s m/s
air quantity m³/h


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